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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions – IClean Services Sdn. Bhd.

IClean Services Sdn Bhd. reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.

By ordering IClean Services Sdn Bhd by telephone, e-mail, whatsapp or IClean website the Client agrees to be bound by IClean Services Sdn Bhd terms and condition.

    1. Minimum of 4 hours per cleaning visit applies.
    2. IClean –Cleaning provides regular domestic cleaning at a standard rate as per our price list for cleaning services organized by package service or one-time service.
    3. IClean –Cleaning reserves the right to suspend cleaning services if monthly payments or recurring payments are missing.
    4. Client agrees to provide a list of tasks and all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the required work, unless other arrangements have been made with IClean Services Sdn. Bhd. If the Client does not have cleaning materials and asks IClean - Cleaning to purchase requested items on their behalf, she/he understands that an applicable charge will be assessed.
    5. All cleaning equipment should be safe and in full working order.
    6. Client understands that the price he/she has been quoted does not include anything apart from cleaning, ironing or washing the car labour.
    7. IClean -Cleaning Services reserves the right not to continue with the job if on inspection, it is found that the material to be cleaned or treated is not suitable for cleaning or treatment. IClean-Cleaning also will not continue with the job if for example water or power is not available or if there is interference in the work from the Client or any other person.

    1. Payment can be made with online banking, debit or credit card over the website (This need to be made 3 days in advance).
    2. Client understands that any ‘late payments’ may be subject to additional charges.
    3. If payment is not made after 30 days of invoice then the account will be passed to a collections agency, after which a charge of 15% on top of the initial invoice due, will be added to the debt. You agree as part of this contract to pay this sum which represents our reasonable costs in collecting the unpaid amounts.

    1. IClean-Cleaning requires the presence of the Client or his/hers representative in the beginning and at the end of the cleaning session, so an inspection can be carried out and if any corrections are needed, should be made on the same day. If a Client is not completely satisfied with the cleaning services must report our customer services within 1 hour, IClean-Cleaning will re-clean any areas and item/s before the completion of the service on the same day
    2. If the Client has scheduled an inventory check then it must be scheduled to commence no later than 24 hours after the cleaning job has been done.
    3. IClean-Cleaning may take up to 24 hours to respond to a complaint.
    4. All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewellery, items of sentimental value, art and antiques. IClean-Cleaning reserves the right not be responsible for any losses/damages that arise during the cleaning visit.
    5. If for delay for a cleaning visit due to a traffic congestion, please be inform or reported to our customer service within 1 hours from the service time. Failure to inform will not have any refunds for the service.

    1. Client understands that he/she is not entitled to any refunds.
    2. If the Client is not satisfied with the cleaning service provided and a complaint has been placed in the stated 24 hours after the job has been completed, IClean –Cleaning reserves the right to return a cleaner and re-clean any areas and items to Client’s satisfaction. Therefore, the Client must allow the cleaner to be returned and he/she should always be at present during the re-clean visit.
    3. IClean –Cleaning reserves the right to return a cleaner not more than once.

    1. If he/she cancel or changes time less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Client must make extra charges RM5 per session