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Refund Policy

  1. Cancellations and Amendments by the Customer
    The Customer shall be permitted to cancel and amend a booking on the Website or by contacting iClean, up to 3 days before the Scheduled Booking Time. If the Customer cancels a Booking Request within the 3 days period before the Scheduled Booking Time, the Customer agree that there will be no refunds on the payment made. The Customer however, can choose to change the Scheduled Booking Time.

  2. Cancellation of Booked Services by the Cleaning Service Provider 
    In the event that iClean is unable to complete a confirmed Booking Request at the Scheduled Booking Time, iClean shall contact the Customer in advance for rescheduling. The Customer may choose to change the Scheduled Booking Time or request for a refund.

  3. Customer Disputes. 
    In the event that the cleaner does not arrived within an hour of the Schedule Visit Time, the Customer is required to contact iClean to inform of the absence. Failing to do so will be deemed service successfully rendered and no refund will be provided.