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  1. How does your cleaning service operate?
    Two working shifts are available:
    a. Morning / afternoon shift
    b. Evening shift

  2. Will the same maid clean each time?
    Yes, a familiar cleaner will know the customer’s needs better and provide a more consistent cleaning job.

  3. Can I specifically request for the same maid?
    We will do our best to accommodate your preferred choice. However, a replacement will be sent if one is sick,
    on leave or when no longer in our service.

  4. Do I need to be home during cleaning?
    It is preferable to have someone at home as we will not be held responsible for any losses incurred during the
    scheduled cleaning time.

  5. Do I have to provide any cleaning supplies?
    Our service does not include any, so customers will have to provide supplies such as brooms, mops, ladders
    and vacuum cleaner.

  6. What about my pets?
    Please secure them if they tend to be aggressive or find a comfortable spot for them.

  7. How do I pay for the services?
    We accept payments in cash or cheque and transfer account.

  8. What is your cancellation policy?
    Kindly notify us in advance 3 days. If fail to inform will not provide any refund.

  9. What if the cleaning day falls on a public holiday?
    No additional charges will be made on Sundays and public holidays. Note: On special requests, off-hour rates may apply.

  10. What do the maids clean?
    They are trained to perform detailed household cleaning services to meet customer expectations. For any specific requests,
    please contact us earlier for arrangements.

  11. Can I request for more than a maid?
    Arrangements can be made depending on your personal preference.

  12. Should I tip the maid?
    For a job well done, tipping is up to the discretion of the customers.